As part of our celebration of 35 years of licking loneliness, we’ve invited our volunteers to share their stories with you. This is Layla’s, courtesy of her “mom,” Michelle O’Connor. When you join our Bullroast sponsors and donors like Jones Junction, M&T Bank and Pet Valu – US to support Pets on Wheels, you help pets like Layla keep doing their amazing work.

Layla Belle, now a 7-year-old Weimaraner was rescued from Columbia, South Carolina in May, 2011. She was high heartworm positive but worse than that, she had been abused and has scars to show it.

Michelle rescued Layla, got her treated for heart worm and other issues. Then, in late 2015, Michelle & Layla moved from South Carolina to Maryland. In early 2016, Layla & Michelle joined Pets on Wheels & have been visited the girls of Ambrose Unit at St Vincent’s Villa in Timonium.

The girls, ages 9-15, come from difficult situations. They live at St Vincent’s where they get positive treatment, learning about motivation, socialization and a range of life skills until it’s time for them to move on their next step. Layla comes to visit to help at this stressful time in their lives, and to show them that a positive future really is possible. As one girl smartly commented: “Ms. Michelle, we know why they picked you and Layla to visit us. Because Layla is a girl who has been abused & has gone through trauma, but now she’s healing – just like us.”

That’s the power of Pets on Wheels!