“My 5-year old daughter and my ten year old god-daughter read aloud to Jasper, a Portuguese water dog, and to Nicky, a sweet and gentle golden Retriever. They all had a good time. I think the program is fantastic. My daughter read three books and hugged Nicky. Thank you and the dogs.”

Jeannie Lorenz , Enoch Pratt Free Library

Thank you for coming and letting us interview you and letting us take pictures and videos of the dogs! We have a lot of fun and look forward to putting them in our video.

Wide Angle Youth Media

Just to let you know how WONDERFUL it has been to have Nancy Kalms & Dakota & Oakley visit our clients and staff at our Day Care! Besides the dogs being sweet and gently, Nancy is extraordinary with out clients! She knows everyone’s name, shares anecdotes, warm, loving – she is a treasure! Thank you so much for your invaluable service, Even two of our clients, who are elderly, have always been afraid of dogs – no longer – they love to pet and give treats now!

Kate , Heritage Adult Daycare Inc.

I can’t thank you enough for Friday. My students had an above and beyond amazing time! More than you may all realize, but to see my students remain so calm and appropriate, ask others questions, be engaged, and get along with their peers that whole time, while following directions is extremely rare. We continued to have a fabulous afternoon which stemmed from all of you. It was so enlightening as a teacher.

I, the students, and the school, truly appreciate your time, patience, and volunteering efforts. Hopefully after I meet with my team, admin, and after Spring Break we can talk about potentially doing it again.

Jen – thank you for coordinating all this. Know that your organization, Pets on Wheels, is much appreciated and your volunteers, pets and humans ;), were fantastic!


Sarah , Hillcrest Elementary

The kindness you show to others and the time you share with the residents (and their families) means more than you will ever know. I think of you and Jesse as two new friends I am so lucky to have. Just passing on the love!

From a family member of a resident of Glen Meadows Retirement Community